Bar Review: Coppersmiths


9th ave and 53rd street – (212) 957-2994

A regular after work sports bar. Decent food and some good nightly specials (listed below). You will always have a good time here, especially when the game is on. Good wait staff and good atmosphere. If you bring 6+ people, you can just rearrange the tables and make your own larger table. They are flexible about things like that. If you don’t find something on the menu to your liking, go next door to Philly Slims and get a philly cheesesteak wit Wiz, some of the best in the city.

Price/Deals:  9

Atmosphere:  7

Service:  7

Returnability:  8

Overall Rating: 7.75



  • $3 Domestics Pints (ALL NIGHT)


  • 2-for-1 Burgers
  • $3 Bud Light Draft


  • $3 Cosmos(Ladies only)
  • Burger & Bud Light Pint for $8
  • $3- Bud Light Pint
  • $12 Bud or Bud Light (Pitchers)


  • $3 Drafts of Bud or Bud Light
  • $4 Well Drinks
  • $4 Wine by the glass
  • $5 Cosmo


  • $4 Well Drinks
  • $3 Domestic beers – draft
  • $4 Wine by the glass

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