Bar Review: Crocodile Lounge

Crocodile Lounge:

14th Street Between 1st and 2nd ave
(212) 477-7747

This being one of my 1st true NY bar experience it holds a special place in my heart. The fact that you get a free personal size pizza with EVERY drink has everything to do with it. As you walk down the stairs (watch your head tall people) you enter somewhat of a catacomb. Exposed brick throughout, extenuates this feel of an underground war hide out. Great service, makes you feel at ease when wanting your free pizza with your beer. Most times they offer it to you and you don’t have to say, “hey man, where is my free pizza” that alone is worth the experience. Bench style seating comes off the walls, where groups of people can claim a nook for their party or link up with strangers and meet some new people. Good time guaranteed.

PS. They also have skeeball in the back. Done and Done.

Prices/Deals – 9
Service – 9
Atmosphere – 9
Return-ability – 9
Overall – 9


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