Bar Review: Valhalla


54th & 8th Ave
(212) 757-2747

No, you didn’t die and go to a Viking’s heaven. Good lord, that was an atrocious opening sentence. None the less, this bar is great. This smaller establishment gives off a cozy, european bar feel. Its large selection of international beers, bottles & tap, might have you trying a different beer every time you head to the bar. Wood surrounds you like the hull of a Viking battle ship and the picnic style seating will invite other groups to sit with you to meet new people. You might find the bar a tad heavy on your wallet, but its unique feel will warrant $7+ beers. It is good for smaller groups, who have something to talk about and actually enjoy each other.

Ps. It has really cool ceiling fans

Prices/Deals – 6
Service – 8
Atmosphere – 8
Return-ability – 7
Overall – 7


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