Origins Of The Bear Fight

During Thanksgiving break, three college friends were thinking of away to spice up their drinking routine.

“Beer pong”, one proclaimed.

“Flip Cup”, another shouted.

All these suggestions had been exhausted and no longer brought the joy they once had. Something new had to be done, something original and exciting; at that moment, an idea was born.

A row of pint glasses and shot glasses were lined up on the counter. Eyes began to widen with anticipation, as the idea came to life — Irish car bombs.

(Silence blankets the room).

”LAME!!!!” “WEAK!!!!” are shouted from all corners.

The ringleader tells them to hold their forked tongues and sit tight because he isn’t finished yet. A bewildered look adorns their faces, as another row of pint glasses and shot glasses are assembled in front of them. Three Redbull cans and a bottle of Jagermiester join the Jameson and Baileys that are already on the table. His friends know what devilish concoction these two new ingredients create – Jager Bombs.

Approving head nods come from both his friends as the final result formulates in their minds — an Irish Car Bomb, followed by a Jager Bomb.

Everyone takes a deep breath knowing the task at hand.

His two friends reach for their respective sets of “bombs”, preparing to drop the first shot glass in, as the ringleader says, “Not so fast!” An empty tumbler glass gets thrown into the mix.

“What, a whiskey shot? Gin?” says one.

The ringleader assures them it is not any of those. Vodka, Kahlua & Milk are brought to the table as the dreaded White Russian is revealed and faces go pale with fear.

“No man, what are you doing? I am not doing no f*cking White Russian on top of this other sh*t.”

The other friend agrees, “I think we are going too far. The Jager Bomb and Irish Car Bomb are enough”.

The ringleader says, “No! This is what we are doing, and I call it ‘a Bear Fight’.”

He continues, “The Irish Car Bomb is the Black Bear, the Jager Bomb is the Brown Bear, and the White Russian is the Polar Bear; then they all fight in your stomach.”

His friends are amazed with the explanation and know that this is their destiny.

“On the count of three boys….and yes, this is a race.”


Yes, the “Bear Fight” is real. And yes, I have tackled this combo on multiple occasions. It has spread up the eastern seaboard and currently resides in New York City, where countless people have endured its wrath.

A tip from a “Bear Fight” survivor — start with the White Russian.


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