Story: Old Beer

At my friend house, while cleaning out their basement some beers were found. Not just any beer, beer from 1985. Miller Lite from 1985. Knowing they don’t really drink beer there, I asked if I could take the cans. They had no objections and I had my new, old beers. I took them home with me and thought about what do with them. Drinking them seemed like a bad idea, didn’t know what 20 years of canned life would do the to beer. I did a little research and learned, air, light & temperature will effect beer the most. Since it was kept in a cool basement with little temperature change and were completely sealed, I figure they would be ok for consumption. That’s what I did. I opened the can, gave it a quick smell test and all seemed fine. Took a hesitant sip and was pleasantly surprised with how good it still was. Granted it was still Miller Lite, but didn’t taste skunky or stale. Next time you are cleaning out your basement and you find some old beers in the corner, reward yourself and pop open a can right there.


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