Top 5 Light Beers

Here is a quick Top 5 of light beers. These are not in ranking order so don’t chew my head off.

1. Samuel Adams Light – Full flavored light beer that tricks you into thinking you are drinking a regular beer. Sneaky Bostonian..

2. Yuengling Light – Yuengling is my personal favorite beer of mine. I could drink regular Yuengling all day and then some. The light version still has the look and feel of regular Yuengling, with just a lighter finish. Penn representing

3. Amstel Light – Not  my choice, personally I don’t enjoy the Dutch Light Beer. But I know my of my friends would say this is on their list.

4. Miller High Lite – The Champagne of beers makes it’s appearance on this list. Decent taste, good price and don’t you want to live the high life?

5. Bud Light, Coors Light, or Miller Lite – These 3 seem interchangable to me. Hot summer’s day, UBER light beers so you Don’t bog youself down. Argue that it is piss-water, but it gets the job done with a easy flavor.


2 Responses

  1. Sam Adams is a huge step above the rest. I’d also say that if you’re going by taste and not taste/$, heineken light and corona light should definitely be on there.

    • Corona Light doesn’t taste much different then regular corona. I would give it an honorable mention. Heineken, I can’t endorse. Taste like soapy dishwater.

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