Best Beer In The Majors


I don’t usually buy the Big 3 when stocking my fridge. There are always exceptions, like the Halloween party or when I have my dart team over.

The same thing goes for stadium refreshment, especially at $7 a pop. The Washington Nationals, graciously, give you options.

As I type this up I am enjoying an Old Dominion English Ale. OD comes to us from The Commonwealth of Virginia and produces good honest beers. This has been my beer of choice this season.


Old Dominion also provides their regular ale for the Home Run Ale. Its not to be missed.

Next to me, the Braves fan and Red Sox fan went with Peroni. Because the stand was out of Stella Artois.

You read that correctly. If they’re out of Stella, the Nats give you Peroni. This is a good thing.

Later on I plan to enjoy a Newcastle from the import stand, where you can also indulge yourself in Dos Equis and Heineken.


Nationals Park is many things (generic, home to a bad team, in a bad part of town) but fan friendly it ain’t. Especially for beer lovers.



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