Beer Review: Kona Wailua Wheat Ale


Kailua-Kona, located on the Big Island of  Hawai’i, is home to the Kona Brewing Company and it’s limited-release Wailua Wheat Ale. This American-style pale wheat ale offers up a more relaxed bitterness than most APWAs due to the incorporation of ripe Passion Fruit. Yes, Passion fruit.

Locally abundant, the fruit adds complexity without making the drinker paranoid that a Jolly Rancher was slipped into the glass. The sharp malt and subdued sweetness balance each other perfectly. Just don’t let the sour noose fool you, it is an APWA afterall.

The more amazing part is the lack of aftertaste. Each sip finishes crips and clean, no overbearing sweetness. Being the summer beverage it is, Wailua Wheat can be paired with most any grilled fish or chicken. Try a pint with some lime-and-herb grilled tilapia. The combination does not disappoint.


Kona appreciates your business so much, they throw in lessons on how to speak Hawaiian! Underneath each cap there is a Hawaiian word with it’s English defnition. The collection is now at 50 words. Some examples:

Aloha: “goodbye”

Moana: “ocean”

Ohana: “family”

Mano: “shark”

The Skinny:

BV – 5.20%
Look – 8
Smell – 8
Taste – 9
Price – $9 for a 6-pack
Overall – 8.33

BONUS! – Click the lizard on the bottle, or anywhere on the site, it’s fun

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