I’m a semi-snob when it comes to beer and quite frankly I prefer drinking beer from a bottle rather than a can.  Whether there is actually a discernible taste difference I really don’t know but TO ME, I think that beer from a bottle tastes much better than beer from a can (with the exception of Guinness with the nitrogen widget.)  However, I thoroughly enjoy trying new and different beers, including microbrews, foreign beers, and new-to-the-market mass-produced beers.

While in Pawtucket, Rhode Island for a PawSox game (Red Sox AAA Affiliate,) I came across a beer stand with the usual suspects, Bud, Coors, Miller and a local beer I had vaguely heard about, Narragansett Lager (simply Gansett to the local Ocean Staters).  Alas, they only had the Gansett in a can but seeing they were pouring it into plastic cups anyway I figured what the heck and decided to go with the Gansett.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting into it could have been like any “lesser” quality beer, Rheingold, Meister Brau, Black Label or Schaefer (the one beer to have when your having more than one.)

As I raised the cup to my lips I was ready for anything.  Then, as the beer flowed over my taste buds, I began to comprehend that his was truly a really good beer.  What a great decision choosing the Gansett over the standards!  The Gansett is far superior to Bud and Coors in taste, particularly the beer flavored water light varieties.  Gansett Lager is a wonderful golden color (think World Cup trophy) with a faint creamy aftertaste and is very smooth.

Narragansett has a long and very interesting history that dates back to 1890 and includes such famous New England beer names as Jacob Wirth and Rudolf Haffenreffer  that I urge you to  read about on their website but one other aspect that helps make Gansett appealing is the advertising icon pictured below Chief Gansett.

Look carefully at the Chief doesn’t he look familiar?  The reason he looks familiar is because the artist is none other than Theodore Geisel a/k/a Dr. Seuss who drew the logo prior to giving the Grinch a wonderful awful idea.

Last but not certainly not least, the underside of the caps from the bottles of Gansett (I’ve bought a few cases of the bottles since the PawSox game) contain Rebus puzzles!  I love Rebus puzzles.  You might remember Rebus puzzles from the gameshow concentration.  Below are a few of the puzzles from 2009 bottles of Gansett.  You can find the answers at their webpage.  I haven’t seen Rebus puzzles in a bottle cap since Lucky Lager (see Brad Pitt in Kalifornia– Youtube vid)

Gansett is a great American beer.  I highly recommend it primarily for the the great taste and flavor.  Buy it, you won’t regret it; the Rebus puzzles are a bonus.

BV – 5.0%
Look/Color – 8.5
Smell – 7.75
Taste – 9
Price – $21.00 for a case in Massachusetts
Overall – 8.41


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  1. Lionshead also has these puzzles….cheapest bottles of beer you will ever find. Also tastes damn good. Only available in PA though, I always pick up a case when I’m driving through.

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