Beer Review: Porkslap

Possibly the greatest name for a beer since Dinkel Acker. I saw a print advertising for this beer in a magazine with a co-worker and we both immediately feel in love with the name & logo. We both agreed that we would try this beer together, sometime in the near future. Well, that didn’t happen. I was at a friends apt in Brooklyn and he said, “Help yourself, there is beer in the fridge.” I thought to myself, “don’t mind if I do.”  What did I see when the fridge door opened, 2 pigs belly bouncing each other. Oh glory day, I immediately asked if I could have one and my friend said, “yeah sure” with a bewildered look. He didn’t know I longed for this beer, more then Megan Fox (Ok probably not as much, but the 2 would complement each other). Before opening and sipping the beer, I snapped a photo and sent it to my co-worker friend and asked if I could have one even though we made a pact to try it together. She was thrilled that I found it and gave me her blessing.

The advertising got me this far, lets see if the product can hold up to its own hype. Yes, yes it can (semi-pun because its only served in cans). Great full flavor, but not too heavy. I definitely recommend this to a friend, merely because I get to say the phrase, ” Hey, you want a porkslap?” and watch the confusion wash over their faces.

PS. It’s made by a company called Butternuts Beer & Ale. Hahaha…Butternut lol

BV – 4.3%
Look/Color – 8.5
Smell – 7.50
Taste – 9
Price – Between $8-10 for a 6 pack
Overall – 8.33


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