Drink Craft Beer & Donate To The Gulf Oil Spill

SOS Beer arrived in New Orleans stores Monday and is now on sale.

Abita Brewing is seeking to raise funds for its SOS Foundation with the brand new beer. SOS stands for Save Our Shore.

Officials say the foundation is geared toward helping industry, individuals and the environment survive the Gulf oil spill.

Abita CEO David Blossman says 75-cents from every bottle of SOS Beer sold go to the foundation.

Blossman says the 22-ounce bottle of SOS beer have a higher alcohol content than normal pilsner beers.

“It comes in at 7 percent alcohol,” he explained. “Most pilsners are usually at five percent or lower, so it’s definitely big, but we wanted to make a big beer for a big cause.”

Blossman says SOS will be available everywhere Abita Beer is sold, except Alabama and Mississippi where the alcohol content or the size of the bottle are banned.

Blossman says those who’ve tasted SOS have given it rave reviews. He says it’s a beer known as a Weizen Pils made with pilsner and wheat malts.

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