….now gimme free beer.

Scotland RULES!!

Do these good Scots look happy? You bet they do. And they’ll be ecstatic to learn that turning those temporary skin decorations into full-fledged ink will get them free Brewdog beer. For life.

The stunt, from the brewers of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and The End of History,  is allegedly going to come to fruition during the opening of The Brewdog Bar in Aberdeen. Those brave enough to brand themselves will be eligible to receive a predetermined number of free beers per week, for life.

The backlash, though, has been as harsh as the promotion is innovative. Primary concern lies with the health of the beer-drinking public. Steve Mudie of SLTA is concerned for both the shortterm health of younger drinkers, and the longterm health of all drinkers who choose to participate. And for the possible decades of regret from getting a brewery tattoo. Segments of the Aberdeen government have pointed out that this circumvents rules for promoting and licensing alcohol outside of the legally prescribed 72-hour window. Currently, there are now laws regulating alcohol logo body adornments.

Why would these penguins want to hurt you?

This cannot be the first time the art of tattoo and beer love/promotion have entiwned in horrific embrace. It will not be the last. To quote Bill Cormie, acting chair of the Aberdeen City Licensing Board, “It’s one thing after another with these guys, it’s quite astounding.”

To progress!


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