Beer Review: Sierra Nevada SummerFest

This is my 2nd “summer” beer I am reviewing, 1st one was Magic Hat’s Wacko. This beer’s flavor takes you by surprise. And by surprise I mean, it smells and taste just like a Heineken (hanging head in shame). I am disappointed to say the least. I am not particularly a fan of Heineken to begin with, so that’s not going to help. I feel Sierra Nevada could have produced a much better summer beer, but this carbon copy leaves you searching for another true original summer brew. FAIL!

BV – 5%
Look/Color – 8
Smell – 6.5
Taste – 7
Price – $8.99 for a 6 pack
Overall – 6.5

This beer got particular low marks not only because I didn’t like it, but also for Sierra Nevada’s lack of originality (personal pet peeve of mine). That makes me mad, when I choose a micobrew because I don’t want the mass produce stuff from the big breweries pump out. I could have saved myself $3 and just bought some Heinekens.


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