Toxic Sludge CAN Be Helpful

First, it was Abita sending an SOS for the Gulf. Now, it’s Blue Point setting its sights on those feathered friends who fly south for the winter.

Patchogue, NY’s Blue Point Brewery is releasing a Black IPA called Toxic Sludge, with 100% of the sales dollars going toDelaware-based Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research. Tri-State Bird Rescue is aiming to build a Wildlife Response Annex that will allow them quick access and shorter response time to aid in saving and rehabilitating birds .

The annex will improve our ability to care for large numbers of wildlife affected by oil spills and other incidents in our region,” said Rebecca Elzey, director of development for Tri-State. “Through their perfectly-timed new brew for the birds, Blue Point will be providing ongoing support for our campaign and helping to raise awareness of our mission.

Since the 22oz. bottles won’t be released until fall migration, “Save The Buffleheads” t-shirts are availabe through for $25. The smallest diving duck in North America, the Bufflehead breeds in Canada and winters off the Gulf Coast. Again, all proceeds from the shirts are going to Tri-State Bird Rescue.

Our poor little beaked brethren think they are vacationing in the sunny Gulf but they are really flying straight into a disaster zone,” said Pete Cotter, president of Blue Point Brewing. “While others are focused on cleaning up the beaches and water, our efforts are purely for the birds.

Ain't i cute? Then help me, dammit!


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