Southern Tier Brewing Co.’s Black Water Series Crème Brûlée Stout

Guest post by Matt Murphy

It’s always nice to be able to drink your dinner with a good stout but it can also be very nice to be able to drink your dissert.  That is the way it is with the Imperial Crème Brûlée Stout from the Black Water Series from Southern Tier Brewing Company.

A fun beer with a smooth feel which does stick around with an aftertaste that fades away with the sense of just taking a shot of Irish cream liquor. In that same theme this beer is reminiscent of drinking Baileys. At 10% alcohol by volume and in 650 mL bottle this stout has the potential to start a night off well.

Many brewers use generalities when describing the geographic origin of their ingredients, “German/-style hops” being the most common. Southern Tier went to the point as to specifically place the types of hops, malts and sugar used in the process to create this beer. Almost as if they’re giving you the recipe and daring you to replicate it. Anyone up to the challenge?


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