Southampton Publick House Series: Double White

In creating Southampton Double White, Phil Markowski turned his fascination with the style into a quest to master one of the most challenging beers to brew. Phil stuck to the tradition of using the classic Belgian white ale ingredients like unmalted wheat, oats, coriander and orange peel, but he put his unique spin on the style by creating a “Double White” version.

Southampton Publick House has been a “landmark for beer” since the 1800’s. Be it as a restaurant, local watering hole, or speakeasy, SPH has been the location of choice for luminaries to “just some of the guys”. In 1996 a brewery was constructed on the grounds as an homage to those who have passed through its doors. Owner Don Sullivan has entrusted the brewery to brewmaster Phil Markowski, and with great results.

The SPH Double White is a crisp, surprisingly clear, Belgian-style witbier (white ale). A double-gravity, it possesses a bit more punch than the typical witbier, and a fuller fruit flavor and a smooth coriander finish. Coriander? Yes. The coriander adds a richer citrus taste and texture to the orange and lemon peel used in the brewing. The result is light, full flavored, but not overly sweet, with an amazingly smooth finish . Just enough of a kick for summer.

BV – 6.6%
Look/Color – 8
Smell – 8
Taste – 8
Price – $7.99 for a 6 pack
Overall – 8


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