Battle of the Brews: Part Deux

Battle of the Brews at Saratoga Race Track:

2 Weekends ago, the GF and I headed up to Albany where we meet up with a friend of ours on our way to Saratoga race track. This is where battle of the brews was being held. Unbeknownst to me, it was race season and apparently its a big deal up there. It is a beautiful racetrack and the weather was perfect for a Friday afternoon of horse races and beer taste testing and I was more than happy to oblige.

We make our ways through the crowds, 95% of which was horse race related. This weekend happen to be the biggest race day of the year called Travers, and there were more people than usual for a Friday afternoon. We found our way to the beer tents. 5 in total an increase of 3 from the year before, according to our friend, who was there last year. Each tent had about 5-6 breweries, which each having 2 or 3 different beers which you could ask to taste. Everyone got a small 6oz glass, which to taste the beers with. Apparently, last year full pint glasses were given out where I heard this I was initial upset, but our friend informed us they only filled those pint glasses with 1/5 of beer to taste. 16oz/5= 3.5oz aprox. So, with the smaller 6oz glasses we got more beer per tasting. I guess less is more.

I had 3 beers within the 1st 45 seconds I enter the 1st tent, “WHOOAAA slow down” My brain is telling me. We have time, enjoy it and really taste the difference between the brews. As we meander through the 1st and 2nd tents, I am little more selective with which beers I taste. Some readers might know by now, I enjoy the lighter side of beers, I don’t mean bud lights, but nothing too hoppy, like most IPAs are not my mug-o-beer (trying to use the phrase, “cup of tea” but with beer terms). I try many of the summer ales and wheat beers enjoy about 80% of the beers I try. My personal favorite turned out to be “3 Philosophers”, which I plan on doing a review in the future.

Some booths has SWAG (Stuff We All Get) and stickers and coasters were the most given out items. (See pic below)

Everyone got a little piece of paper where we were suppose to tally which beers we liked and place them in a ballot box. Of course me being the moron I am, I drank about 6 beers before I realized, I had no idea which beers I just consumed. FAIL!!!! Oh well, at the end of the day I probably tasted 12 different types of beers and I like the them and they liked me back. All in all it was a great time, perfect weather, good friends and fuzzy memories. Hope to do it next year and remember to fill out one of those bloody forms.


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