Southampton Publick House Series: Altbier

After sampling their Double White, our next stop on the Southampton Publick House tour is their Altbier.

Düsseldorf, in the north of Germany, is the true home of true altbier. Before the Lager yeast was isolated and revolutionized brewing, all beers were brewed with all components and strains of yeast available. Anything brewed before this shift is is considered alt, “old” or “antique”. Its a hybrid, but it isn’t. But that’s not a problem. These altbiers are brewed at cooler temperatures and cold aged. This process gives the ale a dry, crisp, lager-esque finish. That is the altbier.

SPH’s Brewmaster Phil Markowski has created a beer that confuses the palate in excellent ways. One sip is lager, the next is ale, the next five are a blend, then another is neither. It’s wonderfully mysterious. Each, however, finishes dry. The subtleties of some herbal hoppiness and very mild fruit notes come and go as they please. The only negative (Really? This is a negative?) is the lack of nose. The experience of this beer is internal. Go get it.

BV – 6.6%
Look/Color – 9
Smell – 6
Taste – 8.5
Overall – 7.83
Price – $7.99 for a 6 pack


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