Drunk Dialing Goes Digital: Beer Apps For Android

I was bored the other day and decided to putz around the Android App Market. My adventures took me to FX cameras, TIME “magazine”, even the weather in Istanbul, but then I found the beer. All 196* apps worth of beer. It started with the simple things (bad versions of Pong, cheesy themes) but then it went legit. Homebrewing calculators, ABV databases, blogger apps with video….I was astounded.

So, for your reviewing pleasure, here’s a sampling of the FREE beer apps in the Android market. Any good ones not covered? Leave’em in the comments. Enjoy.

Beer Directories and Gen. Info:

  • Android Beer Guide (MaxDroid)Browse by name, brewery, country, type; rate and review; add to Tasting Room; daily updates.” One of the more comprehensive apps, though it tends to Force Close often. Each beer page includes images (not all do that) and allows for cross-referencing against all search parameters. Lots of information in a very direct and concise layout.
  • Beer Dictionary (Greenlife Apps)Hand-picked beer and brewing related terms compiled into dictionary form.” A simple scrolling list with basic definitions. Nothing revolutionary but useful.
  • 7800+ Beer Brands (Webworks and Applications Inc.)Over 7800 beer brands information at the tap of your fingertips. Now you’ll know what you’re up against in the beer aisle.” Standard search engine that gives fundamental information, with serving suggestions, and the ability to share beer information. Controls are clunky at first but it’s a pretty straightforward app.
  • Any Beer ABV (Joe Masilotti)“How much alcohol is in that beer? Over 1300 beers both domestic and imported listed with their ABV.” Full version with search feature is $.99. Nothing fancy, gets the point across.

Beer Tracking and Recording:

  • BeerKeep Beta (truello) – “Drop the pencil and paper and take notes one handed; compare ratings with other users; now supports ‘Personal Tastings'”. Select beers from the brewery database, OR (caps because this is pretty cool), select beers from current beer festivals and events. Very, very slick.
  • Beer Counter (J.R.) – “This is an application that can keep track of your beer consumption. Very handy when the bill comes.” This app tracks prices, currency, and quantity. Annoying sound with no setting, but looks like a good app. If you can remember to use it.
  • Beer Tour (Lightweight Coder) – “Beer Tour downloads your Old Chicago beer tour status onto your phone. To use this app you must already have an Old Chicago card registered on their site.” Old chicago is a midwest restaurant chain. Their World Beer Tour encourages patrons to sample all 110 of their beers, with Wall of Foam immortality as the prize.
  • Beer (Metosphere) – “Beer afficionados, keep track of your tasting notes and ratings. Have a history of you favorite beers on your phone at all times. Track which beers you drink the most. Scan the bottle barcode to simplify entry. Save data to the server to restore if you lose/switch phones.” A slick tracking app, this is another one that makes use of Android’s barcode scanning abilities. Adding your beer by barcode, saving to the cloud, exporting your list as a CSV Excel file….all come standard. “Others” tab displays like a FB feed and text message thread and is fully interactive. This is an impressive app. Pay version eliminates ads.
  • Brewster (Thex Interactive) – “Brewster is the complete beer management and tracking app. It allows you to: enter any beer, list is unlimited; rate and add notes; map where you had beers; see user-submitted beer details; share beers; earn points for unique beers.” This tracker has a social media feel to it. Log in, create a user name for people to find you, find everything your Friends drink. Neat feature, each beer you log has a Wikipedia link in the profile.
  • Beer Cloud (GreatBrewers.com) – “Manage your favorite beers and brewers; access custome beer lists; search by name, voice or barcode; sommelier recomendations. In areas covered by GreatBrewers.com, track beers, events, and bars in your area with GPS feature.” This app had me hoping for a bit more. The GPS search features returned exactly what I expected as far as restaurants, stores, etc. (this is good), had the added feature of telling me what I can get around me (this is even better), and it boasts a barcode scanning feature to catalog my beer (this is great). Yeah, about that scanner…not happening. The preferred scanner is the Barcode Scanner app, and this app cannot handle the small barcodes on standard 12oz bottles. Scanned the sixpack and 750ml just fine. The Sommelier tab has tons of food pairing recommendations, detailed and properly researched. The My Cloud tab sends all of your favorite beers and brewers, places, notes, lists to your cloud, and it even has a group events tracker. That is a nice little feature, sorta social and sorta calendar. Once the barcode scanner issue is addressed, this will be a killer app.

Beer Events:

  • PDX  Beerfest 2010 (C. Scott Andreas)“Guide to portland International Beer Festival. Info on each beer being served.” Basic search engine with critical beer information. That’s it. Fine idea that was underexecuted.
  • Oktoberfest (Appdruids)“This app provides countdown until the first mayor of Munich calls “O’zapft is!!” Also shows map of beer tents/halls, plus a history of Oktoberfest.” Google maps based app that has the quick and dirty on tents and halls. Doesn’t have capacity status, but does give accurate locations.
  • WiezenWatch (Simon Schoar)“WiezenWatch answers the most important question asked at Oktoberfest in Munich: Which tents are still open?” Using the wisdom of crowds, you always get the current tent status.” This is what was missing from the previous Oktoberfest app. The status for each location is user-submitted, and the icon is essentially a stoplight (3 stages, G/Y/R). This app updates roughly every 30sec. Very cool.

Bar and Beer Search:

  • Taplister (Don Park)“The mobile companion application to taplister.com. Find bars near you or find details on your favorite beer.” Overly simplistic app with only two dozen cities listed, DC not being on that list. Beer and bar results per city left so much ignored. Parent site great for those on west coast, though it feels like an incomplete CraigsList.
  • Cheap Booze (Victor Bonnet) – “Need a beer in an emergency but can’t afford the pint at the pub around the corner? Check Cheap Booze for the cheapest beer around. Know of a favorite place for getting drunk with a fistful of quids? Add it to the app so thers might enjoy it as well.” This really is Google Maps with the Restaurants layer selected. Never could load right so I have no idea how it shows prices. Pass.
  • BeerBy (Levler, Inc)“BeerBy (rhymes with “nearby”) integrates with FourSquare to allow beer drinkers to log in and comment on beer. If you have ever wanted to keep track of the good, bad, and otherwise notable beers you drink at a bar, now you can with this app. Over 30,000 beers are included to get you started.” Though unfamiliar with FourSquare, this sounds like a neat idea. If you want something more than uploading pictures to Facebook or Twitter for people to comment on, this might be it. Anyone want to help us out with this one?
  • Beer Mapper (Wolf Mountain Apps) – “Find brewpubs, breweries, beer bars, beer stores, and homebrew stores. Beer Mapper uses the mobile-optimized webpages of The Beer Mapping Project. The mobile “Search” and “City Maps” pages are provided, and it is possible to launch Google Maps using data from TBMP.” The GPS locks you in from the start and gives you a Random Pick. Search feature by town will give a rundown of pubs, stores, even rockbars/concert venues in your area. The City Maps feature integrates their own geotags with the phone’s Google Map, and usefulness is based on reception. Very thorough and detailed app.

Beer Computing and Calculating:

  • Brewzor Calculator (Brewzor)“Various calculators for homebrewers. Includes yeast pitching rates, hop bitterness, hop alpha correction. Pay version includes recipe manager.” Comprehensive list of computations.
  • Home Brew Calculator (Ghost Chili Software) – “The perfect companion for the home-brewed beer maker.” More standard calculations but with more detailed and interactive interface.

Beer News:

  • Bier-Blog.nl (Bier-Blog.nl) – “Latest Dutch and Belgium beer news. Also, you can view the latest episodes of Bier-TV. When you are in Belgium or the Netherlands you can find special breweries and beers in the neighbourhood.” I don’t speak Dutch, but this is a sweet app. Full lists of site news, a beer search, and links to their latest beer videos. This is a powerful app.
  • The Brewing Network (Vincent Castellano) – “Stream Best Beer Radio around. Plays live shows as well as archives.”
  • Beer Tweets (Ahoyo) – “Do you like beer as much as we do? Do you love Twitter? If you can answer yes to just one of these questions then this app is for you. Aggregating all the best beer tweets for you.” Are you on Twitter already? Do you know how to make lists? Pass on this app.
  • PHM Beer App – “Beer reviews from the Perfectly Happy Man website, a team of average Joes and Janes dedicated to stellar writing, commentary and communal development on the topics of beer and brewing.” This app ties directly into the blog. Integrated with Twitter and Google Buzz functionality.
  • Dogfish AleBoards (Distal Thoughts) “Do you love beer? Good beer? If you want to know what’s on draft at the Washington, DC area Dogfish Head Alehouses, this is the application for you. This application downloads the most recent pictures of the draftboards at the restaurants from the company website and displays them on your device.” Friends, this is BRILLIANT. Want to know if the Punkin Ale is on tap in Falls Church? Go here. Simple, brutally and beautifully direct, quite possibly the most precise app ever.  Genius.

Beer Silliness:

  • Balance The Beer (NYCJava.net) “A social party game. Hold the phone parallel to the ground to keep the sliding glass from falling off for 15sec. Pass phone around after each turn until one person remains.” Cute game, has potential. Just need to get over the fear of a dropped phone.
  • Beer Facts 2010 (Northern App Co.)“Little known facts about the history of beer. Think you know beer? Put it to the test.” Another fun little app. Simple display of facts. Great for trivia night.
  • Beer Facts (br apps) – Another simple to use, rotisserie of beer facts.
  • Pint Push (Bright AI)“Score for Pint Push is achieved by sliding pints onto beer mats. The further away the mat, the more points it is worth. Best out of 5/10/20.” It’s like curling, just more fun. And people laugh at you when you miss a coaster. Beat all four oppoents to unlock the next difficulties. Fun app.
  • Beer Pong Rules LITE (naDroid) – “LITE version of the pocket rulebook for Beer Pong or “Beirut”. LITE version has 5 sets of rules per cup-formation. Pro version includes 40 game variations.” Always helpful to have rules onhand.


8 Responses

  1. Jeff Porter from the brewery will be on hand to show off a great line up of Stone beers. Unlock Devices

  2. Dear John,

    nice article of all beer-apps. Didn’t know that there are so many.

    Also thanks for the great review of out bier-blog-app. Despite it’s not english. Where thinking about an English of just the BeerNavigator. Should be in the market in a month.



  3. Jasper,

    You are very welcome. The app is a great one-stop-shop of your site’s content. More people need to follow your lead.



  4. Thanks for including my little project in your list. It’s the first time I’ve seen it mentioned anywhere.

  5. Add: Beer Pong Classic Free for iPhone and Android!

  6. […] Drunk Dialing Goes Digital: Beer Apps For Android September 2010 5 comments 3 […]

  7. Thanks for including my app, Any Beer ABV! It looks like the website link is out of date, could you please update the URL to http://anybeerabv.com? Currently there are over 3,800 beers!


    • Joe,

      Your app link has been updated, here and our new site thepintglass.tumblr.com. Thanks for reaching out and continued success.

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