Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Torpedo

WOW. This beer knocks the taste outcha-mouth. Starts out very smooth and quite pleasant, immediately followed by intense hops. I have said it before, I don’t like uber hoppy beers. I stay toward the lighter side of the IBU scale (International Bitterness Units). Torpedo is somewhere around 70-80, which is quite high, Budweiser is around 5-10 IBUs for comparison. If the beer’s flavored stayed at it’s initial taste, I would enjoy this beer a lot more. It’s super hoppy flavor is too strong for me to fully enjoy. I am but one man, with a taste for beer. I am sure many people enjoy such strong flavored beers and if you are that person, please try this Torpedo by Sierra Nevada.

BV – 7.2%
Look/Color – 8.5
Smell – 8.5
Taste – 6
Price – $8.99 for a 6 pack
Overall – 7.6


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