Beer Review: Abita SOS (Save Our Shore)

Guest Post by Matt Murphy

There are many groups raising money for the Gulf area in order to help it’s recovery from recent events. One novel, and might I say tasty, strategy is from the Abita Brewing Company LLC from Abita Springs, LA.  For every bottle sold of their new SOS brew, also known as Save Our Shore Pilsner, Abita will donate 75 cents to help get the Gulf environment back to as close as it can get to how it was, and also to help those that have been affected by the oil spill.

The beer itself is a Weizen Pils that has been unfiltered after using pilsner and wheat malts. Abita has also used Sterling and German Perle hops that give the beer a good hoppy taste and aroma. This brew has a refreshing light and crisp taste which is followed by a hoppyness that increases, but not too much, to be the dominate flavor. The aftertaste lasts long enough to provide the memory of the sip and then fades at a pleasant rate leaving as an enjoyable experience.

This is a highly recommended beer coming in the 650mL (1 pint 6 Fl oz.) bottle.  Plus what better way to enjoy a beer then by knowing that your also helping the Gulf while drinking.

BV – 7%

Look/Color – 7

Smell – 7

Taste – 8

Overall –7.33


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