Beer Review: Key West Sunset Ale

I recently was in Florida and wanted a islandy beer for the warm weather attitude I was in. I checked the beer section and came across this brew, Key West Sunset Ale. It starts out a little heavier than traditional “island” beers and finished with a citrus twang. The more a tasted and sipped, the more I got increasingly upset. This beer is generic in almost every way and there is nothing Key West, Sunset or aleish about it. Pass on this and stick to better beers like Land Shark or Corona for that island style/flavor. Wooooooooooooahhh, I just refereed to Corona as a better beer than this one, ouch.

PS. On the side of the bottle it say, brewed in Utica NY for the Florida Brew Company. Not really sure why they can’t brew it themselves in Florida, but either way it is forgettable in every way.

BV – 4.8%
Look/Color – 8.0
Smell – 8.0
Taste – 5.5
Overall – 7.1
Price – $8.50 for a 6 pack



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