Book Review: The Complete Guide To Beer

For every type of beer, location of beer, and drinker of beer, there’s a book about beer. Like “THE Home of Rock ‘n’ Roll!!”, the “Ultimate/Complete/Definitive” adjective is bandied about without much thought. Let me show you one such guide.

Just recently, a friend of mine gave me this book, The Complete Guide To Beer by Robert Jackson and David Kenning. This is a globe-spanning, multi-style-encompassing review of beers from 26 countries and one generalized continent.

Beginning with an overview of beer’s origins and role in world history, each section is a country’s beer profile. Country background includes brewing history, paired with interesting facts such as yearly production and consumption stats.

In Finland, the traditional art of brewing is very old, but the ancient Finnish brewing style that produces ales, such as Sahti, is hard to find. There is nothing like it commercially produced anywhere else in the world, though the Swedish island of Gotland and the Estonian island of Saaremaa do have local versions of their own.

The beer reviews include the same quick wealth of information, now with serving temperatures and food pairings. “Quick wealth of information” does sounds strange, but it’s accurate. There’s a ton of good info within the pages of the book. Some good photography, too.

DYK: Premium Pils Mousel is a lager, brewed in Diekirch (LUX), that is best served at 42.8-46.4F, with shellfish platters and light seafood dishes

The one drawback is that this is nowhere near being “The Complete” guide to beer. Yes, this will help anyone who is new to the ever-growing world of beer, even give the savvy drinkers a new brew to try, but this isn’t complete. Well researched and well, documented, absolutely. This would make the perfect gift for someone who is looking to find their style of beer.

Rating, out of 5:


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  2. I bet the person who gave you that book is amazingly wonderful.

  3. great work…i would be really obliged…if i could download this book…

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