Beer Review: Pyramid Breweries Snow Cap Winter Warmer

Today you are treated to our first requested beer review, Pyramid’s Snow Cap Winter Warmer, a full-bodied winter ale.

This Pacific Coast brewer has crafted this winter beer to replicate and honor the traditional English ale. Rich color, minimal nose, bold malts, this does embody all the traits of a cold-weather ale. As good as this beer is, I feel that there’s something missing, but it could be a bias on my part. Pyramid proudly uses Choclate Malt and 2-Row Barley as the main grains in their brew (not giving away secrets, it’s on their site), and both of these give great character to the flavor of the ale. I think I’m expecting other flavors and essences with each sip, flavors associated with other “winter warmers”, which is unfair. It’s an expectation I must remove, because this ale is quite good. The flavor is robust, the color is perfect for the season, and it pairs well with Thanksgiving dinner. You could make a meal out of sweet potato casserole and Snow Cap Winter Warmer.

In line with the already reviewed winter brews, this ale stands up well. A bold take on a traditional ale, great with hearty foods.  I’d like to thank Ice Tubes Blog for pointing me in the direction of this beer, which adds this note:

…their rep always puts candy canes in the pint glass if you order it at a bar while he’s there…

I take back that statement about winter flavor. If the brewery rep thinks a candy cane in the beer is the proper way to enjoy a pint, who am I to question.

BV – 7.0%
Look/Color – 10
Smell – 6.0
Taste – 7.0
Overall – 7.7
Price – $9.99 for a 6 pack

# of times “winter” was said – 6


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