North Carolina: A Beer Tour – Bad Penny Brown Ale

Note to self: keep real camera in pocket at all times

(Post written November 28, 2010)

One thing you may know about North Carolina is that it is famous for it’s tobacco. Ok, basketball may be bigger than tobacco now, but North Carolina has some fine breweries. The first installment of our NC beer tour is Bad Penny Brown Ale (Big Boss Brewing Co. of Raleigh, NC)

Bad Penny is saving me from the Carolina/Cleveland match-up today, thank The Maker.

This ale is extra sour. Super nutty and bready at the start, but finishes with a near-lambic level of tart. Great color, but little nose and a lingering sour finish put this low on the brown ale list. If you like sour brown ales, this one is for you.

Update: we keep going back to Panthers/Browns, which is extra sour since I picked Carolina to cover the 11-point spread. Of all the times to go against Jake Delhomme…

Update two: ALWAYS take the ‘dog when Delhomme forgets he’s no longer a Panther but throws to the Panthers.

ABV – 5.2%

Color – 9

Smell – 5

Taste – 6

Overall – 6.7

Price – $9.49 for a 6-pack


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