Beer Review: Holy Brew Liquid Confession Heavenly Light Pilsner

So, I’m reviewing a light craft beer. You heard me.

The first time Holy Brew Liquid Confession came onto my radar was Brew At The Zoo this past July. A small, relatively new outfit from Leesburg, VA, HB offers two spiritually-themed brews, Purgatory and Heavenly Light. Both are pilsners.

From what I can piece together from BATZ, I had both beers. Armed with this (lack of) knowledge, I picked up a six I found while out in Leesburg. Though I wasn’t blown away, I was not disappointed.

Confused, yes. I had never tried a craft-brewed light beer, let alone seen one or even knew one existed. Let me say, this is pretty decent stuff. Light (duh), crisp, and quite sweet, this light pilsner is refreshing, both in experience and existence. The sweetness doesn’t overpower or undermine the traditional pilsner flavor, it adds a level of complexity.

This may sound like a raving endorsement, but it’s not. This was a surprisingly enjoyable light beer, but not the be-all-end-all of light/pilsners. This is a beer that wouldn’t be turned down and one you could go days on.

I wish I knew more about this brewery. Though their site is thematically and aesthetically awesome, it provides little hard information. After rummaging around the internet for a bit, I was able to learn that this outfit:
– is just “a few years old” (Mr. Internet leads me to believe 2-3yo)
– a “well researched” new venture by people who had completely different jobs
– is based in Leesburg, VA but has the brewery itself in Wilkes-Barre, PA
– loses money on every beer produced because of brewery location
– old out their initial 30 case production in under 4 hours

While all of that is interesting, it’s just a start. For a Newish local outfit with a good product, I’m excited to learn more.

ABV – 3.8/4.3% (no ABV on packaging, inconclusive search results)
Color – 7
Smell – 5
Taste – 6
Overall – 6
Price – $8.99 for a 6-pack


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