‘Tis The Season To Advertise: Christmas Beer Comemrcials

Christmas has been here since before Halloween (advertising-wise), but part of the bombardment has been the beer commercials.

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you may have read my random question about one commercial that aired in 1987 that I just couldn’t name or find. Well, I’m fairly certain it’s Coors Winterfest. And I’m 99% certain that commercial does not live in the abyss of the internet. If you have it, know it, want to call me crazy, head to the Comments section.

Now that I’ve rambled on about what doesn’t exist, let me show you what DOES exist. Here’s a brief sampling of Beer commercials of yore.

Corona Christmas palm tree. Feels like it’s been around 20 years and could be one of the best commercials ever.

Michelob – 1977

Budweiser – 1977


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