Beer Review: Apple Pie

"Apple Pie", courtesy of B. Kenneth Yost

A good friend of mine has officially rang in Winter.

Apple pie is a staple of Fall and Winter across many parts of this plane we call existance. But what makes that existance even better is Apple Pie.

While in college, sometime after 2004 (just so everyone knows, we were legal at this point), my friends and I discovered Apple Pie. Instead of the stereotypical bars near campus, we could regularly be found at Croxley’s Ale House in Franklin Square. No Miller, no Coors, no Bud, only imports and crafts. Heaven. Among these rare treasures were the house beer “cocktails and mixed drinks.” What? We knew the Half & Half, the Black & Tan, and the Black Velvet, but the list was overwhelming to those of us who didn’t know beer could be so wildly mixed. Needing guidance, we asked our waitress what the preferred November beer cocktail would be. Without hesitating she said, “It’s the Apple Pie. Trust me.” Okthen.

Holy. $&%@.

Half Harpoon Winter Warmer, half hard cider of choice, 100% awesome. The Winter Warmer is Christmas in a bottle. Heavy with nutmeg and cinnamon, this copper ale delivers the scents and tastes of the holidays. And it amplifies the apple to astronomical heights. Imagine this as a dessert or nightcap concoction because of the abundant sweetness and spices.

My friend went the normal (for how we did it in college) route and used Woodpecker Premium Cider, though Woodchuck, Magner’s, and Strongbow are equally acceptable. To be honest, there’s no wrong cider (hell, use Woodchuck’s Pear cider and see how that goes). Through trial and error…sweet, sweet, delicious trial and error…we realized that the best way to pour this pint is cider first, then top off with the Winter Warmer. Don’t like a 50/50 mix? Change it. This libation has no rules except use the Winter Warmer and use cider.

For my Apple Pie, I was able to find Harpoon Cider. Is it better to keep the brands the same? Doubt it. Was it still awesome? Damn right.

Harpoon Winter Warmer is available from November through January.

(# of instances of  “Winter” – 9 (including this))


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