Xmas With The Neighbors

I have no blood relatives in America, both my parents are from Germany, which explains my love for beer. My neighbors, which includes another family on my block, are my family and we spend many holidays together. Christmas, New Years, Memorial, Labor, 4th of July and many more are all celebrated with people from my street. I am not sure how many other people have this sort of relationship with neighbors but I do and it’s what I know. Now that you know that background, I can continue with my story.

Xmas day is spent at the O’Briens. Their sons Joe and Pat are readers of this blog and have helped out with content and provided some great feedback( hi guys) Going to their house, I knew beer would be consumed and knowing them, I would have to bring something special. I brought 3 philosophers and Duvel a present for all of us. They, knowing me, did the same and bought Delirium Tremens, Innis & Gunns and Chimay. AKA we didn’t have one beer under 7% abv.

The 3 Wisemen visit Westchester, NY

Stories were shared from the last year, copious amounts of food were served and eaten. The beer flowed like wine and we all had a great time.


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  1. […] the O’Briens, neighbors of mine on the street I grew up on. I explained that relationship in an earlier post. I was offered this beer, which is aged in Rum casks. Which gives it a unique flavor. The smell = […]

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