North Carolina: A Beer Tour – Half Moon Hefe Weizen

Next stop, South Carolina. Again. Since it’s 12 miles away. And gas is pretty cheap.

Charleston Brewing Company presents this Bavarian style wheat beer. Again, a beer I’m not terribly thrilled with.

A welcoming, bright golden color brings you in. The clearer-than-average filter does not prepare you for the lemon drop flavor. Very crisp but leaves a syrupy aftertaste. Yet this could be an all-nighter beer. Pours to a thin, uncharacteristic head as well.

Like I said, it was a near-hit. High hopes abound, just a meh delivery. BUT, you can get a pretty sweet brewery T-shirt if you send away the bottom of the 6-pack, which is the order form. 

ABV – 8%
Color – 9
Smell – 4
Taste – 2
Overall – 6
Price – $8.99 for a 6-pack


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