The Queen Vic – Update on H Street

If anyone out there is a fan of the English soap “EastEnders”, you’ve heard this name before.

Back in September, I wrote the following bit about The Queen Vic in our H Street Festival post:

The Queen Vic, opening some time this year, prides itself on authentic English pub food. Ham and chicken pasties, steak and ale pie, and ridiculous homemade pork sausage with mustard and pickles. This is addictive food. Speculation is all that exists for the beer selection (as they are still under construction) but the hope is for proper bitters and lagers to go with this rich menu.

Let me tell you that a bit of that has changed.

First, it did not open in 2010. It is slated to open sometime in mid-February.

Second, I stand by my assessment that this food rocks. Anything meaty, greasy, and goes well with a pint of Old Speckled Hen is damn fine food. And I hope they have OSH. And Tennant’s. And Boddington’s. And Innis & Gunn.

According to their Menu page, they’ll have genuine, proper English groceries. Intriguing. Equally as alluring is the question of dartboards; will this establishment have any? I can’t imagine an English pub (gastro or other) not having darts.

All of this good news comes from We Love DC, who poses the question:

Are you brave enough to try an eel pie?

Yes. Yes I am, and I will absolutely eat one. With a bitter.

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