WADA Series of Bars: Atomic Billiards


There’s always a reason we go to our favorite bars. The beer, the food, the people (good and bad), or just because it feels right. Sometimes a bar has more, and that more is darts. This is the start of a new series on TPG, the WADA Series of Bars. We’ll start by profiling the DC sponsor bars.

We begin with Atomic Billiards in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of NW DC.

Primarily a pool bar, Atomic is offers a wide variety of games for adults of no particular age. Five tables, two dart boards, two shuffleboard tables, and board games. Oh yeah, they have Battleship. A sister bar to Rocket Bar in Chinatown, the space is full of 1950’s and 60’s sci-fi campiness. Murals of space flight, over-exaggerated atoms, and the Jetsons informing you which bathroom you should be walking into, this place just feels fun. Because it is.

The beer list….my god, the beer list. Atomic (as of this posting) serves 64 different beers, 8 tap 56 bottles/cans. All segments of American craft brewing are represented, as well as bar staples, and select imports. Nothing on the list was added for the sake of having a random beer. Whoever chose the list really put in the effort.

Boddington’s has been, and always will be, my beverage of choice for league nights. But this particular night I was slumping, so I asked Rich (the Tuesday night bartender and Mojito maing machine) to surprise me with something off of the right side of the wall. First was an Ommegang Witte, the second was a Bear Republic Brewery Hop Rod Rye. The only thing Rich told me was, “it’s interesting.” A red ryePA with serious hop punch. Never had anything like this before. Great choices.

More pics…

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Atomic Billiards is Located at 3427 Connecticut Avenue NW.

Interested in a pool membership?


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