TPG Asked, You Voted!

Not too long ago, we wanted you the reader to choose our next beer to review. The winner, with 50% of the votes…

21st Amendment Brewing Company Come Hell or High Watermelon. Let’s get to it.

First discovered at the 2009 Brew At The Zoo, sampling this became a bit of process. I wasn’t really in the mood for another fruit beer since there was one that suffered from the dreaded “Jolly Rancher Effect.” For the uninitiated, the JRE is when a beer’s fruit flavor tastes more like a piece of candy has been dropped into the beer, instead of a natural and organic fruit essence. 21st Amendment did a masterful job of avoiding this dreaded disease.

This wheat beer is more of a commercial lager than a craft wheat. Properly cloudy, light, refreshing, not at all overpowering, yet it seemed as if 21st made an artisnal Bud Light. People who have sampled this have given a wide range of opinions; too light, too sweet, not sweet enough, too boring, “wow, is this Miller?” The positive is that it wasn’t polarizing. Those who liked it were just cool with it, those who weren’t thrilled saw some potential.

This can be a great beer to kick around at a clam bake or backyard barbecue, if the price tag doesn’t prevent you from buying more than one six-pack. Just be prepared for a gamut of responses. Still, reasonable stuff.

ABV – 4.9%
Color – 7
Smell – 5
Taste – 6
Overall – 6
Price – $10.99


2 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by John E Muir, Derek Lippke. Derek Lippke said: Beer Review Winner – 21st Amendment Come Hell or High Watermelon #BeerReview #sf #watermelon #craftbeer #21stAmendment […]

  2. brewed a mere bike ride away from my apartment… the can designs are always something to look forward too along with the good tasting beer. also, February is strong beer month in SF when 21A and Magnolia Brewery brew 6 specialty beers (“strong” for high alcohol percentage) each. it’s a good month.

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