Beer Review: 3 Philosophers

I’ve been a fan of the Ommegang brewery since the Battle of the Brews up in Saratoga I covered a few months ago. One of the beers I tired there was 3 philosophers, which automatically became a top tier beer for me. It pours a dark wood brown and you think its going to be hop heavy and overbearing, but quite the opposite. The wafting smell of cherry is very inviting and it sits lightly on the taste buds. This is not a fruit beer, but beer with subtle fruit flavors. This is a great alternative to wine, to bring to a party or celebration. It still has a cork, which makes you want to us the phrase “poppin’ bottles“. Its cool, taste good, looks sophisticated and makes you feel smart for drinking it. 3 Philosophers FTMFW.

ABV – 9.4%
Color – 9
Smell – 9
Taste – 9
Overall – 9
Price – $9-11 for a 0.5Litre


One Response

  1. anything brewed by Ommegang seems to be good. i’m a fan of the BPA

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