Bar Review: Bull Moose Saloon

Check out this review by my buddy, Pete. You can read his bio here

I only have 6 words to say about this bar


$3 drafts…. not a certain draft or just crummy light beers (which I prefer but I’m a real American.) But they have heavy foreign beers and smaller brewery’s stuff from around the area. The best part is for those who work until 6pm the happy hour is from 7pm till the end of the night. its not one of those stupid 4pm to 6:30pm happy hours designed for students and or teachers.

The rest of the time the bar is pretty cool too. There is a pool table that you can always get a match with someone on and meet someone interesting (in New York interesting is nice for weird.) But none the less it’s fun. The Bull Moose is on 44th between 8th and 9th and right by the Irish Rogue another cool joint. I would love to say more but I gotta go it’s Tues and almost 7pm.


354 W. 44th St, New York, NY 10036
nr. Ninth Ave.


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