The Triumphant Return of Derek

(written by Derek, posted by me, because WP is sucking a big fat one at the moment)

I Remember My First Beer:

Not my first beer in life, but my first beer of 2011. Yes, its the middle of February and that’s how long I haven’t had a beer. 43 days to be exact, since my last brew. This drought from draft was spawned by a weight lost goal of mine. I have also been eating a strict Paleo diet, which is meats, fruits, veggies and nuts. No breads, processed food or grains (including beer). So far I’ve lost about 15-20lbs.

2011 continues to be a important year for me, because my girlfriend and I have also bought a condo together in Astoria, Queens. We moved in on Feb 12th and needed some food so I went food shopping the next day.  As I roam the aisles, I come across the beer section and think about my 43 day streak and I say, “F*ck it, I just bought a home, I deserve a beer” I wandered over and check out the normal selection, but I don’t want just any beer it should be something a little special. Then like a beacon, there gleamed a 6-pack of 16oz tall boys from beer heaven. But it can’t be, how is it possible? I walked over thinking it might be a mirage because I haven’t seen this beer outside of Rhode Island and the New England Area?!?! The I touch the beer and I know its real, it’s Narragansett. One of my favorite American lagers is a new edition to my local supermarket’s beer section and I couldn’t be happier. This is a sign that I should have a beer and who am I to interfere with divine intervention. After I grab the beer, I literally say out loud, “how did you get here, little guy” I receive an odd look from a fellow food shopper. I took a look and don’t see any other packs of Narragansett around and think I have official lost my sanity, but then I checked the other shelves that aren’t in the cooler area and see it label under, New Item (see pic above).

I head home and put the beer in my fridge and I know there there is an NY Islander game at 3pm that day and I can’t think of a better way to drink my first beer in 2011. I pour myself a beer, in a nice mug, take my 1st sip and literally not 10 seconds later the Islander score a great goal in the first 0:45 of the game. This is how it’s suppose to be.



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