Beers For Those Who Don’t Drink Beer

Do you know someone who doesn’t drink beer? We all do. Are YOU someone who doesn’t like beer? That brings about so many questions…

In any event, there are those in society who choose not to partake in this sweet nectar, for whatever reasons. Some friends of mine always asks me “is it good?” and/or “will I like it?’ These questions I cannot answer, and nor should I. I’m always willing to interrogate someone on their tastes so I can adequately advise on the proper brew. But what if there was a list of beers out there that could serve as a beginner’s map to safe but intriguing beers for the new beer consumer? What if there was a quick and dirty answer?

Why, here it is!

The list comes to us from, and this is a fine list. Since I want you to read their list I’ll make general remarks here.

1. Yes, and yes to the Also Try’s.

2. Never tried either, but let me also offer Samuel Adams Hefeweizen

3. Yes to all

4. Yes to all, and I suggest Flying Dog German Marzen or Sierra Nevada Tumbler

5. HELL YES to all three, with a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout bringing up the rear


A friend in need is a friend indeed…be a good person and give a friend a beer.


One Response

  1. What kind of weirdo doesn’t drink beer or asks you if they will like it?

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