Snack Food Review: Beer Chips

“But, but…this isn’t a food blog!!1!”

I’m fully aware. Expand your mind.

The Mrs. and I were perusing World Market when I saw this. Well, I saw the Bloody Mary chips first, but that’s not her nor there. Beer Chips….chips made with beer. How did this NOT exist eons ago? It seems to be the perfect marriage of food groups, in a bag with a pretty cool font.

The chips are made in Portland, Oregon, and were only tested on humans. Um, great? The beer flavor (as scant as it is) comes from a beer-flavored sprinkling/topping/substance. No word as to lager, ale, pils, domestic, import, good, bad, etc, but that’s pretty irrelevant. They’re chips.

Salty, sweet (minor honey coating), these chips are a thicker kettle-esque cut and pretty OK. Which isn’t bad. These chips are mostly pedestrian, but occasionally you’ll crunch one that is loaded with all sorts of flavor dustings.

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I’m neither in love with them, nor do I want them shot into the sun and never seen again. It’s a well-cooked chip that incorporates comforting flavors in negligible volumes. You could switch out any standard chip and no one would negatively notice these.

I ate the whole bag. This won’t shock those of who know me, but it’s a testament to the normalcy of this food. They’re chips. ‘Nuff said.

Price: $2.99 per 9oz bag


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  3. thanks for the brew-chip tip – opens the kitchen for artisan cooking concepts – give me a day to figure out how to incorporate a hearty ale into a mashed sweet potato ball flattened and baked – hold this thought until deadlines are done – in the meantime, order up my latest book, True Brew: A Guide to Indiana Craft Beer {Indiana University Press, 1-800-842-6796 or visit

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