Bar Review – Pound & Pence

Derek went adventuring in the Financial District. Here’s the first (of hopefully many) of his tales.

Mid February, 65 degrees, NYC, Friday = Going Out. We tried our luck and went to the financial district and the area know as Stone St. It wasn’t setup like it normally is when the weather is much nice. I can explain that whole setup in another review.

The Pound & Pence, is a local spot for a buddy of mine who lives 3 blocks away. From the outside it looks like a hotel entrance or a bank, or normal for the area considering we are in the Fidi area. You would never know there is an english pub beyond the entrance unless you know the area, which kinda gives it a little cool factor.

Its has several different ares. You have your standard bar and booth areas. There is also an upstairs where there is a nice pool table area and about 15-20 leather chairs with small tables for a more relaxed setting.

I was disappointed with the beer selection. With a nice British name like Pound & Pence (which is also a nice play on words, being in the financial district) I expected some unique imports, but the menu was dominated by regular brews. There was 1 “guest beer’ but that was only a Sam Adams Seasonal selection.

But the savior of this bar was how they served their beers, in nice glasses. A special Sam Adams glass with any Sam Adams selection. A nice frosted Duvel glass with of your Duvel purchase. This adds a nice little touch which sets it apart from bars that normally serve their beers in standard mugs.

All in all a nice bar, which some tweaks to the beer menu this would be a really good spot. Also, if it stayed open past 10pm, it would be better. Being in the financial area, everything closes earlier because all the yuppies have gone home to their upper east side apartments. Jerks.


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