Verizon Center Beer: The Future Is NOW

This needs to be said before we get to the beer…

Twice now the Islanders were overly charitable and gave the game away to the Capitals. Outside of the top line and de facto #1 D-man Andrew MacDonald, it was a bad game. IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO LET OVECHKIN DO WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS IN OT.

But, much like October, an Isles rookie gets a first. Congrats to Justin DiBenedetto…….drew his first PP advantage and served “his” first penalty for the Isles having too many men on the ice. Gotta look for the silver lining.

Now that I’ve bored you about a team you probably don’t care about, here’s the beer.

The shiny new Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser (BUBD) was the first stop of the night. Located outside of section 114/115, it was not as easy to spot. Hell, we actually stumbled upon it when walking around. There was nearly no line, just an ever changing collection of gawkers. I was one of them before buying a beer. The only brew available was Bud Light.  That was $8 for 160z.

As you can see, getting the cups situated was no delicate feat. Not merely placed on the valves, Ms C Price had to manually move the magnet before carefully negotiating the cups into position without crushing the flimsy plastic. It was quite a scene. There were crowds forming around it after it was closed for the night.

The next part of our adventure comes from the 400 Level of VC. Actually, here, watch. I’ll apologize in advance to anyone with vertigo, epilepsy, or those who still get car sick.

You try wandering around a busy arena, talking to yourself, and see if you aren’t in the least self-conscious of what kind of ass you look like.

Get yourself a Star Hill Dark Starr. Well worth it. Even at $8.50

The beer drinking experience at Verizon Center continues to improve. The app was remarkably easy to navigate, clear in it’s presentation, and was helpful in pointing you to whatever your heart’s desire. It’s a great tool for the non-local fan (not that I am). This can help visitors to DC understand the layout of the arena, where to get a hot dog or find guest relations for help, all in a free package. Great idea and well executed.

One gripe….just ONE BUBD? Ms Price (the vendor running the machine) stated that her lines are now next to nil and business flows as free as the beer, yet there is the one and only device. With NO MORE on the way (as of right now). Hockey fans consume more beer per capita than fans of other sports, and this invention fills a beer 9x faster than a tap so……oh. Hmmm…..

One machine will do fine.

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