Beer Review – Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout

You, dear reader, may remember this beer from our last poll, beers that were sitting around awaiting review.

Ummm…..about that.

Rich, dark stouts are greatly appreciated, and even better when they are gifts. Denver, Colorado’s Great Divide Brewing Co.‘s Yeti Imperial Stout was one such present.

This was a given, oh, well over 6 months ago. Like most 22oz’s, it went to the basement stockade, gradually rotated into the fridge and onto the “To Be Drank Next” list. That didn’t happen quickly (NOTE: it’s March 2, 2011.) This beer MUST be consumed within a shorter timeframe.

Yes, it tastes a bit old, a bit over ripe, a bit higher than 9.5%…..but it’s filled the stein and ready to roll.

An Imperial Stout with an IBU rating of 75, this will slap you around like Bigfoot going after beef jerky. Sharp, deep, sour (age?), this is a complex and vicious beer. Doubt it goes well with pasta, but tonight was not a pairing night.

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As dark as the most recently reviewed stout was, this is nearly a Pure Black. Nothing penetrates, nothing escapes. DARPA used this as the basis for their Perfect Black stealth paint.

This review is going to to have to end with an asterisk. Since this one went so long past prime (my fault, completely) that this might have a re-review next time one comes this way.

Moral of the story….drink your gifts when you get them. Don’t sit on them.

ABV –  *9.5%
Color – 10
Smell – *7
Taste – *7
Overall – *8
Price – $X.99


2 Responses

  1. Hi ! im from Argentina when i saw this review my mouth was open , the colour its great !
    cheers from Mar del plata -Arg

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