Honey Ale: Home Brewing At The White House

We try our best to avoid discussing anything political ’round here. The only arguments we’re willing to endure are those about the overuse of hops, levels of fruit in beer, and whether or not Coors Light actually IS beer.

But this is completely non-partisan. For the first time in White House history, beer will be brewed on site. George Washington was a brewer, but that operation was at his private estate. The Epicurean President, Thomas Jefferson, was fond of matching the right beverage with the right food, but always purchased said libations.

President Obama will have his staff brew beer using ingredients from the First Lady’s  kitchen garden. Ingredients that include honey from the garden beehive, exactly like their batch of Honey Ale from the official WH Super Bowl party.

So far, only the Honey Ale will be brewed and there’s no word yet on public availability. Anything on that breaks, we will pass it along.

(Stick Taps to Obama Food-O-Rama, NPR, and…..the Toronto Sun? WTF?)


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