Beer Review – Stone Double Bastard Ale

Our last review included a warning about beers that shouldn’t be bottled-conditioned, well, age poorly. This time around, lesson learned.

This newest 22oz was a birthday present, so it’s only been 2 months since I received it. Aside from the face that it’s fresher, I think aging this beer would render it a chemical-weapons grade substance. Behold the Stone Double Bastard.

This beer is not for the faint of heart, mind, palate, or lacking in confidence. This is POWERFUL. Straight from the brewers’ mouths

Warning: Double Bastard Ale is not to be wasted on the tentative or weak. Only the Worthy are invited, and then only at your own risk. If you have even a modicum of hesitation, DO NOT buy this bottle. Instead, leave it for a Worthy soul who has already matriculated to the sublime ecstasy of what those in the know refer to as “Liquid Arrogance.”

Cloudy copper-red color, very little nose but still piny and chippy to make an appearance….then you get kicked in the fucking head by sweet, tangy, lemony hops. Lots of hops but not overkill for the sake of adding all the hops at hand. Bitter and tart finish, this makes me want a steak to add more bold flavors. I think I’ll go have one now.

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I tend to avoid hoppier selections, but this one I can handle. The more more I look at this I’m even more impressed by the color and texture. Never really seen a Hefe cloud in a properly colored ale. Very impressive. Very complex, but a boot to the groin is rarely complicated.

Get this beer.

ABV –  11.2%
Color – 8
Smell – 6
Taste – 8
Overall – 7.3
Price – $7.99


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  2. That picture looks a little blurry. Did one beer make you drunk???? And you call yourself a beer blogger….

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