St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl

EIC Derek participated in the St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl through Astoria. Here’s what he remembers from the pictures he took.

UPDATE: Shortly after this went live, Derek informed us all that his first beer that day was at 8:30am. Well played, sir.

St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl. Such words evoke images of Kelly green, large pints and patrons singing into the wee hours of the morning.  Almost every year I hangout with my best friend Pete for this special occasion, seeing how he is Uber Irish and it’s like his 2nd birthday.  This year we came up with an Irish pub bar crawl in our neck of the woods of Astoria, Queens. Astoria has a large number of Irish pubs and made our decision very easy, since we could hit up 7 bars and still be very close to both our apts.

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Every bar we hit up, was full but not to the point you didn’t want to be there. Each place you could find a corner or bar stool to call your own.  Our rules were to have a pint at each bar and then move on; we didn’t want to get stuck in one place too long. I listed the bars we stopped at along our journey below. I also put out the word to a few of my other friends in Astoria and by the 3rd bar we had a crew of 8 rolling to each bar.


1). Mcloughlins

2). Daley’s Pub – Live Music

3). Broadway Station – 2 beers here

4). Kelly’s Bar – Old man fight & 2 beers here

5). Mcaffery & Burke – Live Music

6)  Mexican restaurant where we had a beer. Need some more food for the rest of the night

7)  The BrewHouse


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  1. UMMM I forgot to mention that my 1st pint of the day at 8:30AM!!!!!

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