Beer Review – Blue Point Hoptical Illusion

An IPA review? By ME??

I’m not a hops guy. It’s an essential ingredient to creating beer. No hops, no life. Taking that into consideration, here’s Blue Point Hoptical Illusion.

A case of this was sitting inside the doorway of World Market. The green oval logo caught me. It was Blue Point, which randomly appears in the DC area. Like the Beer Beings willed it. The case went into our cart without even bothering to see what it was. That’s how I got my random case of Hoptical Illusion.

I have a MASSIVE bias towards BPB. They make one of my most favorite beers on Earth, so I normally set myself up to liking what they brew no matter what. An IPA challenges that, unfairly.

The most common statement made about anything from the Patchogue, NY brewer is that no two cases, no two kegs, are the same. The operation is small, so no matter what they do, each batch has it’s own uniqueness and personality. I really like this dynamic about their beers. Still, this is an IPA.

This isn’t a bad beer. Strong hops and a sour nose wrapped in bright gold. It looks great, just too sharp for me. There are better IPA’s in the world, and there sure as hell worse. This is above average. Quality definitely trumps personal preference.

I hope people who love hops find this beer. This is a well crafted and genuine beer.

BV – 6.8%
Look/Color – 8
Smell – 5
Taste – 6
Overall – 6.3
Price – $7.49 for a 6 pack


One Response

  1. That beer looks good! I am going to have to try that next week when i go looking for a new brew.

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