Beer Review – Port City Porter

This is a beer that has challenged my perception of porter. I see that the concept of the porter can be stretched.

Just south of Old Town, Port City Brewing Company of Alexandria, VA is responsible for this altered view.
Physically, it reminds me of a nut brown ale; less weight than the aesthetics allow. Touted as having coffee and chocolate notes, but I’m still searching for them. The chocolate/coffee combo is prevalent in this style, but not here. Dark an nutty is what I’d call this. Yet this shift in character doesn’t detract from the robust experience. What I find myself being drawn to in this beer are the slightly non-traditional aspects. It’s receding bite, it’s sourness, it’s lightness. But is it really sour, is there chocolate, or is my mouth playing tricks? Regardless, I sense something like this.

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This is a  good beer. It’s a sample of what craft brewing can do to, and where it can take, tradition. Given that, I could have completely misinterpreted this beer and what PCBC was looking to accomplish. I can accept being wrong. I can also accept that this is a genuine product. More, please.

BV – 7.5%
Look/Color – 9
Smell – 7
Taste – 8
Overall – 8
Price – $10.99 for a 6 pack


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