The 4 Loko Experiment

This post was written by EIC Derek. It’s what happens when you have three independent alcohols, the desire to celebrate Mexico’s victory over France, and the sheer force of will.
At first I was skeptical. Then I saw the pics. I both condemn AND condone the events that took place.

Cinco De 4Loko!
It all started with a text to my friend Billy. “what are you up 2 tonight?” and his response set everything up. “brewing 4 loko”. Yes sir you have my attention. We decided to make 5 loko, not a typo. Through science, technology and pure grit we set out to make our own concoctions and ad a full serving of loko to the devilish drink known as 4loko.
We had little cups to mix our 4loko (grape) with a Colombian drink known as Aguardiente. This is basically an anisette or the greek ouzo, but from Colombia. We mixed the two drinks in different ratios to see what we could come up with. Terrible. We also had Dos Equis, now that mixed with the 4loko actually wasn’t half bad.
The beer took off the medicine flavoring of the 4Loko. As the night continued and we had a few mixers, the ideas started to come out. 4Loko ice pops, we set them up in the freezer and next time I am over his apt, we will enjoy a cool refreshing treat.
The the idea hit me, since the beer + 4Loko wasn’t half bad why not turn it into a bomb drink, like jagerbomb or irish car bomb. And thus the “Chupacabra” was invented on May 5th, 2011. Elated with our invention we continued the night with $5 Margaritas, some friends and a taco truck, sounds like a perfect Cinco De 4Loko to me. Salud!

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