Trip Del Mexico

Derek regales us with his drinking excursion south of the border, and John does everything he can to not drop some lame Dos Equis joke. 
During March I took a week long vacation south of the boarder to the land of Mexico. I went to Cancun, so kind of like the US, but most people speak spanish. I went to a few store, got asked if I wanted to buy weed way too many times by random people, but I also got to try some Mexican beers.
I was very surprised that there wasn’t a lot of variety of Mexican beers like you would find in the USA. We did try a few different one just to get a spectrum of Mexican beers. We had Sol, a light lager which was the bud light of the area. Clean, crisp, light, perfect for a hot day on the beach. We ran across a variety pack and my friend and I thought this might be the best way of trying a few out.
Pacifico, a nice beer which I have had before, just didn’t realize it was Mexican. This was by far my favorite out of all of them, super easy to drink and not too watered down. Leon was another beer, a bit darker in color but surprising light in flavor for the color. Montejo rounded out the variety pack. Similar as all the others, but did stand out with a bit more full flavor.
Corona was ever present especially when the Corona Girls came and set up a promotion table at the pool. Selling a bucket of Coronas + T-shirt for $25.
My GF, Jess actually bought me a bucket and took a pic with the ladies, life is good my friends.
All in all, there wasn’t too much variety is styles/flavors. They all blended together and nothing really stood out from the pack. I still got a week off of work and a nice tan, so I am not complaining.

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