Beer Review – Schneiderweisse

Oh, Bavaria, how great it is to find you at World market.
The same store that brought us the Beer Chips, and several beverages yet to be consumed, gives us this product of G. Schneider & Sohn. Founded in 1872, expanded by the purchase of Weisses Brauhaus, Schneider & Sohn boasts itself the largest weissen brewer in Bavaria.
Before I talk about it, I know I used a pilsner glass. And I feel no shame.
The first thing about this hefe is that it’s NOT bright gold, but a richer and heartier amber. Jolting at first, since I’m more accustomed to Ayinger Brau Weisse BRIGHT SUN GOLDbeing the standard bearer, it’s a trait that cannot be used as a negative. If the oldest weisse brewer in southern Germany says it’s amber, damnit…it’s amber. All the typical characteristics are there; the wheat, the citrus, the floral, the fizz, everything as it should be. Same dry finish, as well.

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Strange is probably the right word to describe WM’s beer selection, but never underdone. Schneiderwisse is a great way, at an excellent price, to introduce people to the hefeweizen. Recommended.

BV – 5.4%
Look/Color – 7
Smell – 8
Taste – 8
Overall – 7.7
Price – $3.99 for a 17oz/500ML


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