Beer Review – Abita Harvest Lager

Springtime on the bayou. It must mean the strawberries are ready.

It’s that time of year for Abita’s Harvest Lager. This was a beer I wasn’t rushing to review, not because “I DON’ WANNA!!”, but strawberries and I do not get along (allergies). After a bit of encouragement (thanks, Julie) I had one. Nothing bad happened, so that was nice. But I could taste it.

Scientists have yet to discover a bad Abita product, but morals such as “good” and “bad” differ by individual. This had the makings of a really good summertime cool-down; looks great, smells great, the fact that it’s an Abita….but…..

“Wow, this is tasty. Are there anymore?”

“Since when did Abita start making candy?”

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The room was split, 2-2. Jolly Rancher Effect. It’s when the fruit flavor of a beer tastes like candy or syrup was used. This was disappointing, and very much could’ve been repackaged under the JR label. Not to be solely negative, it finished clean and lager-y. Through the flavor it WAS light and refreshing.

Keep in mind, that it was a split decision. The sweet/natural exchange was definitely welcomed by those who liked it. Proof that “good” and “bad” start and stop with one’s own tongue.

ABV – 4.20%
Look/Color – 8
Smell – 7
Taste – 4
Overall – 6.3
Price – $8.99 for a 6 pack at World Market in Pentagon City


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